Day 49 ~ OK, I’m Taking More Than a Moment

On my way down to the wake on Saturday, I saw a a very beautiful and active groundhog, scampering on the right side of Highway 77-South.
He looked like he had just popped out of the ground right next to the road. He was headed off to some adventure at the exact moment that I was passing. I thought to myself at the time, “What are the odds? Most of the groundhogs you see on the side of the highway these days are not moving around in such a bold and playful way .”
I’ve been thinking about that groundhog all day.
This morning, I looked up the significance of groundhogs in my book of Native American Animal Symbols. I learned that the significance of groundhog is their ability to slow down their metabolism to sleep through the winter; their gift is that they slow themselves down to survive.
How many times do we think about slowing down, but don’t?
Most of the time, we keep plowing through whatever is in front of us without taking a breath. We focus on how little time we have and how much we have to do. We don’t want to lose our stride or fall behind.
And then there’s that groundhog, scampering. When was the last time you did that?
So today I’m thinking that the groundhog had a message for me. I’ve read that some Native people believe that each animal has a special gift; when that animal crosses your path, it is a Divine message that should be listened to.
This morning I realized that the message for me was to pay attention to my need for “ebb”.
My friend Darla says you need to “slow down to speed up,” which feels like very wise advice for me right now. It’s counter-intuitive for most of us; especially those of us who are not groundhogs.
Tonight, however,  I’m going to pretend that I am one and see how slow I can become – just for the restorative possibilities.

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