Day 48 ~ Taking a Moment to Reflect

It’s Monday again.
It’s week 7 of my weekly writing dates and it was lovely to be back at the Hudson Library at my Mac.  My focus on the work was intense; three hours flew by.
I’m happy to report that the first two chapters of this book I’m writing are looking solid. I really didn’t want to leave the library at noon because it seemed like only 20 minutes of writing had passed. I still had several hours of writing about Powerful Presence left in me.
After being so intensely focused on my friend and her loss over the last few days, and then being immersed in my writing this morning, the rest of today  seemed anti-climactic, until my Powerful Presence teleclass tonight. It was another opportunity to focus intently.
The connection that that the 8 of us have created over the last seven weeks buoyed me up for the time we spent together; at the conclusion of our session tonight I left feeling peaceful.
I’m clear that what I’m experiencing right now is that feeling of ebb and flow again. And I’m remembering that I wrote recently that “even the ocean needs to rest”… that’s what I feel most intensely tonight. I get so focused on moving forward that I forget to stop and reflect.
Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do for yourself is to step back,  lie down and trust that it’s enough.

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  1. Hmm that’s amazing but actually i have a hard time seeing it… wonder how others think about this..

    • I’d love to hear more about your experience, John – I’m enjoying the idea that soem of this is amazing for you, so will you say more about what you don’t see? Let’s have some dialogue about it!

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