Day 45 ~ The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Did your mother ever sing that song to you when you were a child? Mine did.
The thing I loved the most about that song was that you could make it go on forever. You could sing it and sing it and sing it – at least until your mom got tired (which, of course, you never did!)
Today I feel like I have gotten to the top of a mountain. My biggest thrill at this moment is that I got another wonderful comment from someone I have never met, who “stumbled” onto my blog. How cool is that??
It’s very clear to me right now that when you get to the top of a mountain that looked insurmountable from the ground, you realize a number of things:


  1. All it really takes to climb to the top is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward, no matter what.
  2. Things that look really big from the ground look a lot smaller from a mountaintop.
  3. There is always another mountain to climb. It’s your choice.

I’m celebrating tonight ~ and I am also exceptionally mindful of how lucky I am.
This weekend I’ll be standing in the community of people who are supporting my friend who just lost her husband.
The circumstances of this week remind me that there are mountains as well as valleys waiting for all of us. So please savor the mountain as you stand on top of it; doing that will give you the strength to move through the valley when you arrive there.
It’s been my experience that Powerful Presence will help you.

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