Day 44 ~ The Power of Half-way Through

Tomorrow is exactly the half-way mark of the daily blog project.
As I sit here thinking about where we’ve been and what we’ve been through in the last 44 days together, it certainly makes me sit up and pay attention.
What is it about connecting to something bigger than you that pulls you along in a project that’s  important to you? What is it that keeps you coming back over and over to the place where you are making something happen – even if you are only halfway through and you are still kind of in the dark?
Right now it feels like faith ~ and connection.
My mother sent me a card once that said: “The reason that birds can fly is that they have faith. To have faith is to have wings.”
Writing this blog every day connects me to that faith, those wings. Although I know where I’m headed and I’m certainly making progress, I have no idea what each day will bring that will move me forward.
The one thing I know is that something will.

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