Day 43 ~ Tell Them You Love Them

Someone dear to me lost her husband yesterday.
I got the news this morning and my heart broke for her. She is someone who is truly a Light to everyone she meets; when we met a few months ago, she had me at “hello.” My first thought was wondering whether I had told her that lately. I was lucky enough to tell her so this morning when we spoke.
That Death comes to all of us is no big news. Neither is the fact that we are never ready when it does.
When Death only visits near us, it serves to remind us how much we take for granted. It reminds us to consider the relationship we have with everyone we love and notice whether it’s apparent to them.
So why does it take Death to help us remember what’s important? Why is it so easy to get busy and forget again? It doesn’t have to be this way.
What would happen if we started and ended every day by telling the people we love that we do? Like having a very good friend who lives nearby, hearing that we are loved gives us a cushion with which to face the inevitable challenges that life regularly drops by our door.
This lesson became crystal clear to me six and a half years ago, when Chuck was diagnosed with colon cancer. The news this morning brought me right back to the days when this loss could have been mine.
Chuck will be cancer-free for six years in about three months,  at the end of June. The gift of that time is that, for the last six and a half years, we don’t let a day go by that doesn’t start and end with this seemingly silly question: “Have I told you that I love you yet today?” The answer, no matter which of us is asking, is always “yes.”
(Sometimes the answer is really, “yeah, 20 minutes ago” but we never say that. We always just smile and say yes.)
Please take this question and use it on the people that mean the most to you. Don’t worry if you ask it over and over again and you start out feeling a little silly; the silliness passes and the feeling of wonder and delight grows.
Somebody wrote this in a poem once and it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever learned: “Speak your Love. Speak it again. Speak it yet again.”
So let me ask you, have I told you that I love you yet today? Thank you for giving me a reason to write this blog, daily.

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