Day 4 ~ Surveying the Landscape

Two days from now, the first session begins. It’s clear to me that I have already started my journey; the next step will be to meet my fellow travelers at our starting point.
It’s Saturday, it’s almost 8:30 PM and I’m sitting at my computer with headphones on, feeling completely at home on this blog.
A year ago I started writing on WordPress because I knew I had to have a blog – then I stayed away from it for over 6 months because I felt that I had nothing to say. When I started back up again  in July, I knew I had something to say, yet something was still holding me back from writing as a regular practice.  So I got to it when I got to it and did the best I could.
Yet 4 days ago I committed to writing this blog daily and all of a sudden  it feels like this is just what I do.
It looks like the struggle for words that I experienced last year has passed – my guess is that the exceptional experiences of  my most recent group’s  Journey to Powerful Presence have rubbed off on me in a very deep way. As a result,  I have finally gotten OK with the thought that my words will not be perfect, but they will be written.
More to the point: they will be enough.
And this changes everything – because I have taken this leap of faith and bet on myself by making my journey transparent on this blog.
It occurred to me this morning that I want to be very clear about what this blog is about.
The Journey to Powerful Presence is the synthesis of  everything I have learned  and used and taught over the last 27 years.  Although I have already taken a number of people through it, I have never taken myself through this particular version of the journey. I have always led it, coached the other travelers along the way and celebrated their successes with them.
As the leader, I’m familiar with every step of this journey – I know all the pitfalls and all the mountain peaks as well as all the breathtaking scenery, the  victorious climbs and the challenging descents. I know how to keep everyone safe enough to take their own risks; everyone always comes back successful on their own terms.
This time, I’m taking it for myself – and putting myself through the entire itinerary as a fellow traveler, not just the leader -because I’ve never experienced  what it’s like to simply travel the path in this structure, taking it step-by-step and being curious about what I don’t know.
So although I will lead the class each Monday night like I always do, behind the scenes I will be taking the journey for myself and reporting each day back to you.
That’s my adventure here – that’s what excites me and terrifies me all at the same time. This is my adventure to claiming myself as a writer – and opening the door to all the books I know I have inside me that are yet to be written.


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