Day 39 ~ You Can Use This Anywhere

When it comes to your appendix, apparently, you can’t be too careful.
The good news is that all of the tests they gave me at the hospital last night were negative for appendicitis. The interesting news is that this can mean absolutely nothing.
Everyone at the Medina Hospital ER was wonderful; they are now proud members of the Cleveland Clinic Hospital System and it showed. When they sent me home, after spending 5 hours giving me the usual battery of  tests and a CAT scan, Dr. Brown determined that appendicitis was not probable.
And he also wouldn’t rule it out. He told me that lots of people come up negative on a CAT scan for appendicitis, get sent home, and then return to the ER a few days later with a ruptured appendix because they stop paying attention to their symptoms after the CAT scan results.
So it’s his policy to make sure you know that it ain’t over til it’s over;  you have to pay attention and keep an eye on your symptoms for the next several days. He made sure that I left the ER with the phone number of the surgeon who is ready to take mine out the moment things go south. One thing about appendixes is that once they start to go it’s just a matter of time — no matter what the CAT scan says.
So what does all this have to do with Powerful Presence?
Something useful, it turns out, although it’s peripheral to the medical stuff.
Last night I was acutely aware that, even when you’re in the ER, you can use the strategies of this program to make the experience more positive for yourself. You can decide how you want to respond in any moment, even when you’re scared.
That alone was worth the trip!
I had my noise-canceling headphones with me and listened to meditation music on my iPod; that helped me to stay calm and present (not something most of us typically do in the ER…) Staying focused and calm helped me to get through the experience more resourcefully than I have before.
The other useful practice was to decide that “this was perfect” and that “this obstacle would provide a gift.” Those thoughts calmed my typical response to being a patient: “I don’t wanna be here!!” and “how the heck can I get outta here???”
The power of beliefs is that you choose them – and the benefit of beliefs is that they color every bit of your experience. So last night I was exceptionally aware of my belief: “You bring about what you think about.”
Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. My guess is that last night’s adventure was just another stop on my personal journey; I’ll be right back here tomorrow.


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  1. YEAH! Welcome Home Maia, glad it was nothing to worry about. 🙂
    Love you!

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