Day 38 ~ Might Get Exciting!

Being a Romeo to this blog is very important to me.
It turns out that I might be away from it for a couple of days. I’ve had a pain in my right side all day and Chuck is concerned that it might be my appendix. He’s had his out already and he is taking no chances!
So if it’s nothing, I’ll be right back.
If it’s a couple of days, then you know that I’m walking my talk with integrity and taking care of myself.


2 Responses to “Day 38 ~ Might Get Exciting!”

  1. Yikes! Maia!
    I trust you are ok and your appendix also. I am sending you Love and Light, feel better soon. 🙂
    Love you,

  2. you are really good at this topic. I learned a lot here.

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