Day 37 ~ The Power of Fair Witness

Being a Fair Witness means that you listen without judgment so the other person can be heard.
The most transformative thing you can do for yourself is listen without judgment; it’s also the most transformative thing you can do for someone else.
Years of misunderstandings can evaporate when you simply witness the experience of another person and allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to let them witness yours.
I had the privilege of doing that with two people who I dearly love  and with whom I had great emotional distance to cover. I’m happy to report that I received it from both of them as well.
In this week of focusing on walking my talk,  I have to confess that this was exceptionally powerful.
What makes is so powerful is what am I learning.
I’m learning that sometimes you simply have to be still; I’m reminded of Steve Davis’ “dancing with emptiness” because you truly have to be present for every second of these kinds of conversations.
I’m learning that just when you think you KNOW, you don’t – you have to replace judgment with curiosity.
I’m learning that the sound of a beloved voice  evaporates 6 years of misunderstanding, if your heart is open to it.
I wrote in my newsletter this month that “walk your talk” means that:


  • who you are on the inside matches who you are on the outside, and
  • who you are in public is who you are in private.

Today I got the chance to match two of my most important private conversations with all the ones I have in public.
The experience outshone even Monday’s  Red Letter Day and Tuesday’s fabulous lunch – and that takes doing!


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