Day 36 ~ Don’t Be Afraid of the Darkness

After a run of some spectacularly gorgeous and exhilarating days, today brought me a dose of Darkness.
Darkness, in an emotional sense, is that feeling where you feel like there is no Light, no grace, no levity and no air. In an instant, your heart gets heavy, your head gets light and your mouth gets dry.
The funny thing about this is that despite the fact that darkness falls every night of our lives, when it shows up in our personal lives we take offense.
Although it may be welcome outside in the nighttime sky, it is rarely welcome in our lives; I think that’s because we don’t know what to do with it when it gets here.
You know by now that I am writing this blog to track my progress through the 12 weeks of the Powerful Presence Program so I can experience it from the inside out. I was certainly grateful to have this structure today.
This week’s practice is Walk Your Talk With Integrity;  I found out today that as you walk your talk, Darkness can walk with you, whether you like it or not. Your willingness to accept it has everything to do with the way you experience it.
So here’s what happened:
That feeling of Darkness hit me by surprise from out of the blue at mid-morning, in the midst of a challenging email conversation with someone important to me. At first I was stunned – then I got right into action.
I started using the words of the Three Beliefs of Powerful Presence as my mantra: “I bring about what I think about” and “every obstacle brings a gift”.
I got myself detached enough emotionally that, for the first time in my life, I could actually SEE what was happening, instead of being so wrapped up in the emotion of it that I was blind.
I didn’t run away or close my eyes this time; I stood witness to myself and the conversation. (If I teach this stuff, I better walk my own talk! ) The final bolster I got from this program is the belief that I “have what it takes.”
Right now this experience reminds me of a video that Chuck shared with me the other day; you can see it here.
I didn’t think of it until I got to this spot in the blog, but this video is the perfect metaphor for how to successfully maneuver through the inevitable Darkness we all experience in life.
Darkness falls. It’s how you handle yourself that makes all the difference in your ability to make it through til the dawn.


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