Day 35 ~ The Power of Sharing an Exquisite Meal

Today I had the most exquisite lunch of my entire life.
Jill Banner, of the Fedeli Group, invited me to a networking lunch at their offices on Rockside Rd, in Independence. It’s clear that there is absolutely no reason for anyone at the Fedeli Group to meet clients at a restaurant for lunch, since they have a 5-star Italian restaurant right there on the 5th floor.
So what does this have to do with Powerful Presence?
A lot actually.
I often ask my audiences “What is it about a person that has you at hello before they even open their mouth?” The answer, of course,  is that they have Powerful Presence.
My experience at lunch today was its culinary equivalent; being treated like royalty left an indelible impression that can only be translated as the result of Powerful Presence.
The attention was all on me, and everyone else who shared this meal. The food was gorgeous – I lost track of how many courses – and those feeding us treated us like family members. You can’t experience something like this without feeling absolutely treasured.
Imagine what the world would be like if everyone returned from lunch feeling treasured.
So after my Red Letter Day yesterday, I found myself enveloped in delight at lunch today. What a restorative experience! My para-sympathetic nervous system was practically purring…
Since I believe that I bring about what I think about, I’m concentrating on getting back there to do it again!


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  1. I will not soon forget walking into the dining room yesterday while you were there with Jill, Jessica, Kathy, Crystal and Denise. Every lunch at The Fedeli Group is a multi-sensual experience and none does it better than Jill.

  2. Dear Maia,We hope you are eating lots of eggs and shrimp!
    We love you, your biggest fans ~ Barb and Joyce

    • Dear Barb & Joyce!

      You made my day. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing more of your comments on my posts. (And Yes – I’m eating lots of eggs and shrimp, too. Thanks for that recommendation, Barb!)Meanwhile, I wish you could have shared my lunch with Jill at the Fedeli Group – Oh! It was spectacular!

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