Day 34 ~ Let’s Talk About Letters!

Today was a red-letter day! It’s going to take several of them to share the details with you.
A. Today was my fourth Monday writing date. It was the day I started delving deeper into the territory of “Walk Your Talk With Integrity.” I can see that showing up at the library, week after week, is moving me forward to accomplishing my dream of getting this book written.
B. Diane Helbig, a business coach who I deeply admire,   interviewed me on her Diva Toolbox radio show today. We had a truly exhilarating time discussing Powerful Presence in a business context. You can hear it by copying this address into your browser: You’ll find the audio file in a box just to the right of Diane’s smiling face.
C. My friend Lisa Ryan (you may recognize her as the other guest on Diane’s radio show) put me on YouTube today! She uploaded the video she took of me speaking at the Cleveland Coach Federation’s Coaching Showcase this past Saturday. Being on YouTube has been one of my goals for over a year; Lisa helped me to make it a reality.
You can see the two parts of my 12 minute program by copying these links to your browser:
Part 1, 8 minutes:
Part 2, 4 minutes:
These red letters have me ending a very exciting day with a big smile on my face. Sharing with you is…priceless!


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