Day 30 ~ Wonders Never Cease

This afternoon as I was driving around town running errands, I saw a hole in the clouds.
It looked like a thumb and a forefinger giving the OK sign. All that white-and-grey, with an azure circle pointed right at me. I burst out laughing in delight ~ how cool was THAT??
When I got home from my errands, I got a follow-up email on LinkedIn from Steve Davis. He had contacted me this morning because he wanted to quote a LinkedIn Answer I’d written so he could use it in his ezine.
That was nice; I didn’t know him, though, so I had asked for a little more information from him.
When I got his follow-up email this afternoon, I could see that he was completely above board and very gracious. So I gave him my permission and checked out his website.
That’s when I was blown away.
His website is called Living Mastery (check it out here) and the heading on his home page is “dancing in emptiness.”
As I read it, my mouth was hanging open.
Out of nowhere comes someone who is also on a transformational path, who I can definitely learn from and who is also open to learning from me.
Now I know we’re not in Kansas anymore,  that “Providence moves,  too” – and “that you bring about what you think about.”
Now I know that wonders never cease.


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