Day 28 ~ An Illuminating Day

I had a wonderful lunch at the Whole Day Cafe in Wadsworth today.
If you live in NE Ohio and you haven’t had the pleasure of a meal there, I encourage you to head right down to the corner of  High Street at Broad Street! Theresa and her enthusiastic and talented crew know how to feed you so well they turn every stranger into a friend ~ just like THAT!
The other great thing about lunch was being the featured speaker for the Wadsworth Chapter of the KNOW on the GO. Thank you, Heather Taylor ~ and Jo Ann, Kristine, Deb, Jennifer, Jessica, Marlene, Tonya and April!
It was an intimate group of 10 of us, sitting around the table, having an in-the-moment conversation about Powerful Presence.  It was a veritable vortex of connection, conversation and collaboration. It was the high point of a great day.
Here’s the illuminating part: it’s all part of the path I am on; it’s all part of the journey. WHAT a great trip I’m having!
But wait – it gets better.
The other day I wrote about my experience with that fabulous Spring Garden Waldorf School 6-8th Grade Girls Basketball Team. Because of that, I’ve had some email conversations with their coach, Nancy.
The connection between my conversation with Nancy and my illuminating day today is a poem that I shared with her. It’s by “Author Unknown” and it’s one of the poems and sayings from my first book, published in 1995, Bootstrap Words: Pull Yourself UP!
This poem is my illumination for the day today. It’s as relevant for my favorite team as it is for me, and for the wonderful women I shared my lunch with, even though we are all on different paths and different journeys. Perhaps it will be relevant for you, too.

Do Your Work


Do your work.
Not just your work, but a little more
For the lavishing’s sake—
That little more that’s worth all the rest.

And if you suffer, as you must,
And if you doubt, as you must,
Do your work.

Put your heart into it and the sky will clear.
Then, out of your very doubt and suffering,
Will be born the supreme joy of your life.


I am living the supreme joy of my life. It’s a pleasure to share it with you.


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