Day 27 ~ There’s a Gift in Every Obstacle

This morning I had my third Monday morning writing date.
I’m working the Chapter on the Three Beliefs:


  1. You bring about what you think about
  2. You have what it takes
  3. There’s a gift in every obstacle.

My focus today was on the third one; I was having a great time writing about the gifts that Chuck and I received from the obstacle of his having colon cancer in 2003 and 2004.
It felt so wonderful to be able to look back on that difficult time with appreciation for the gifts we received, including our new home here in Ohio and the life we lead today.
After I’d been writing for just under two hours, there was a knock at the door. It was the librarian giving me a three-minute heads up that someone else had signed up for “my writing room.”
My first thought was, ” Are you kidding me right now?”
My second thought was “This is MY room until noon!”
My third thought was, ” You have just spent 2 hours writing about how there is a gift in every obstacle, so you better walk your talk here, my girl!”
The first words out of my mouth were, “Of course, no problem, I’ll be out right away.”
Then I turned away from her and burst out laughing – this was just too funny! Yes – in a “are you kidding me right now” kind of way, but it was still funny!
Here I am writing all this stuff, sharing my thoughts and beliefs about Powerful Presence with my wonderful readers and feeling great about doing it. And the Universe steps in and says, “Really? Do you really buy all this stuff you write about? Prove it to me!” (At least that’s what it sounded like it was saying to me this morning…)
The great news is that this stuff really does work.
Believing that there was a gift waiting for me helped me to laugh about being moved out of “my writing room.” It helped me to keep my wits about me so I could find the woman who had knocked on the door and ask her if there was somewhere else in the library where I could plug in my computer and write. It helped me to appreciate the nice big empty study room that I got to occupy for the next 90 minutes far away from the noise of the children’s section.
As I settled in to my new room to write, my first thought was, “This will make a fabulous blog for my readers tonight!”
I hope it did.


2 Responses to “Day 27 ~ There’s a Gift in Every Obstacle”

  1. Maia!

    Thank you for your newsletter today and your encouragement to walk with integrity. I’ve had this conversation with two friends recently and yes, integrity is walking your truth and you create the path as you go.

    Every morning in my daily prayers and spiritual practice, my intention is to walk in beauty and Grace, honesty, integrity, righteous values, morals and ethics, that I may be an example to inspire others and that I may be among those in whom Creator is well pleased.

    Your story at the library is so funny yet so true. I find that when I make a statment out loud, that I am very often challenged by Spirit shortly thereafter to test me. I found myself in that very situation recently and found that I could look objectively, for example, by asking myself, “What would the Goddess do in this situation?” or God, or Buddha, or Jesus or whomever and instantly, you are taken to that higher place within yourself to view a different perspective.

    At the end of my emails is the signature, “I Honor the Sacred Within you” and it felt so wonderful to remember to Honor the Sacred Within Myself also.

    Thank you, Maia, for holding the space for me to share this with you.

    As you say, have an illuminating day!

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