Day 26 ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

What if every day was Valentine’s Day?
Just think what the world would be like.
Every day, there’d be flowers, love notes and big boxes of chocolate. You’d find yourself gazing deeply into the eyes of each of the people you celebrate as precious on this day each year. And that list would get larger by the week.
Candy, flowers, deep gazing into the eyes of other people ~ every day!
Would you get bored with it?
Like having the Christmas tree up “too long” would you just want it over with?
Or would you relish each day, and celebrate it, along with the people in it?
No matter which category you put yourself into, let me just take a moment here and celebrate YOU.
Consider this a love note attached to a big heart-shaped box of Belgian dark chocolate truffles.
Thank you for joining me on this journey and walking alongside me as I travel. Knowing you’re there adds a spring to my step, a sparkle to my eye and a light to my heart each day.
You’re the reason to be Romeo.


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