Day 25 ~ There’s a Positive Trend Emerging

It may be too early to identify this trend, in a scientific sense; however, I’m not letting that stop me.
This is the second Saturday in a row that I have succumbed to the peacefulness and grace of the softly falling snow outside and spent the afternoon in a nap.
It helps that nobody actively needs me today. No phone calls, no meetings; I don’t have any dogs to walk or family members to transport.
It’s considered a luxury by many women I know to have the freedom to curl up on the couch in front of a fire in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, with a cat curled up behind my knees.
It’s a necessity, if you ask me!
After two hours of deep sleep, I woke up feeling 100% myself -ready to tackle anything.  My first waking thought was that I was so thankful for the space and peace and time for that nap.
I’m convinced that my Powerful Presence is possible because I have the space to nap when I need to. The result is that I have the physical resources I need to get me through a week as challenging as last week.
My next thought was  of my dear friend who tells me confidently that “Nobody gets to lie down when they need to!”
That, to me, begs the question, “What if they did?”
In their book, So Stressed! Dr. Stephanie McClellan and Dr. Beth Hamilton say that the resilience and resourcefulness of  the human body has been overcome by the demands of modern society. As a result of adapting to the increased pace of modern life (and everything that includes), our bodies are breaking down faster than they ever have before.
The result is an overwhelming increase in the number of stress-related disorders like high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks and cancer.  The Doctors report that every disease they see in their practice can be directly attributed to un-managed stress.
Simply put: the ravages of un-managed stress are the result of not lying down when you need to!
The trend that I’m celebrating–and that I hope you will join me in exploring– is the trend of taking the time to give yourself some space to rest.
I give it my highest recommendation.


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