Day 23 ~ We’re not in Kansas Anymore

Be careful what you wish for ~ because you will definitely get it!
Yesterday I wrote that I was going to write what was true for me and trust that it would be just what you needed to read.
Tonight I find myself sitting at my desk after 10 PM, with a very early day tomorrow and an evening that is continuing long past my bedtime.
Despite the fact that I have developed some wonderful new habits over the last several months that include more sleep and a bedtime before 9PM, I find myself up too late getting ready to get up too early and I can’t believe it!  How did I get here again??
This morning I got some news  that I just wasn’t ready for, although it’s been pending for months. A dear friend of mine who is almost 89 years old, had to leave her home of over 60 years to go into the hospital. She won’t be going home again.
I shook me up.
I’ve been off all day, although using the Three Beliefs as a mantra has gotten me through it  more smoothly than I would have otherwise. I just keep saying, “there’s a gift in every obstacle” and “you bring about what you think about” and I keep moving forward.
Maybe it’s been this week – Monday was the anniversary of a very dear friends’ death 2 years ago, Tuesday was the anniversary of my Mother’s passing 8 years ago, Wednesday brought some disheartening news and this morning brought the news of my friend.
So I’m clear that I’m not invincible.
I get inspired by the members of my teleclass (that was such a wonderful bridge for Monday and Tuesday) and I have wonderful work that I do every day with people who I dearly love.
So when I get blue, I have a cushion; I do believe that “this too shall pass.”
And sometimes I just have to be willing to feel less than joyful. Like those piano keys I wrote a bout a few days back, there has to be room for every kind of feeling in your life.
So thank you for joining me on this part of my journey. I hope it will support you on yours.


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