Day 20 ~ First Breakthrough!

Today was my third Monday writing date. All that rest over the weekend really paid off!
Two weeks ago, I was thrilled just to get to my private writing room at the library. I knocked off 1600 words in about two and a half hours and left the place with a smile on my face.
Last week, I had the hardest time just getting out of the house – it was like an old-fashioned comedy routine. My time at the library was a two-and-a-half hour struggle, although I got another 1600 words written. I figured at the snails’ pace I was going, I ought to increase my writing time to an additional 30 minutes a day every weekday, just to get the thing written in this decade!
I never had the chance to touch my Mac again for the entire week -and then I took the weekend off.
That led directly to my breakthrough today.
My breakthrough wasn’t in the number of words I wrote, which was about the same. It was in the vision I got of what the next section of the book will be, which practically laid itself out for me while I took dictation.
I danced out of the library today, after 3 solid hours of seemingly  effortless work.
What’s different?
I showed up on time like a Romeo for my writing, I relaxed, and I played. This book wants to be written; I am learning to create the space for myself so I can bring it forth.


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