Day 19 ~ Powerful Presence on the Basketball Court

Sometimes you need to take the day off, get out of the world of work and see something that brings home to you why you do what you do.
Today was that day.
Today I had the pleasure of watching a 6th grade girls basketball game. I was completely blown away by the Powerful Presence in the girls on the home team, from Spring Garden Waldorf School. These girls are Champions.
They took the lead early because they played well and they played as a team. Although the other team had more members, as well as being bigger and taller, the SGWS girls kept the lead for three of the four quarters.
It was in the fourth quarter that their Powerful Presence really amped up.
SGWS  went into the fourth quarter with a score of 17 to 7. Because they  had fewer girls to play, most of them played the whole game; by the fourth quarter they had given everything they had and were starting to wear down. It didn’t take long for the bigger girls on the other team, who had gotten more rest, to start to get the ball and score.
That didn’t shake my girls. They all played with power, heart and skill for every second of that game. Every girl gave everything she had; they played with each other and for each other until the final buzzer rang.
It was heartbreaking to see the other team tie the score and then creep it up to 17-22. It was breathtaking to see SGWS make 19 and then 21, just on pure heart and skill.
When the other team scored another basket and brought their score up to 24 with less than two minutes to go, it would have been understandable for our girls to have given up. They were exhausted, their lead player was sporting a blooming black eye, and the rest of them had their own scratches and bruises.
They never missed a beat – they kept playing with everything they had ~ including a high jump to snatch the ball away that would have looked commonplace at Madison Square Garden; it was noting short of spectacular with one minute left to play in this game.
Here’s what I learned from the Spring Garden Waldorf School 6th Grade Girls Basketball Team: play with all your heart til the very last second of the game. Give it everything you got – no matter how many bruises, no matter how much it feels like your lungs will give out, no matter how big the other team actually is.
No matter what the ultimate score – remember you’re a champion and you never know who’s watching or what they’re learning from you.


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  1. Maia,
    Thank you so much for writing these observations of our game. I am one of the coaches for this team of 6-8th gr. girls, and it makes me proud to see that what we are trying to teach is apparent to the spectators.
    I sincerely appreciate your thoughts!
    Nancy Stewart

    • Dear Nancy!
      Thanks so much for your comments – it was pure pleasure to watch your girls play (and I finally figured out how to answer your post…) You have a complete and total fan here ~ and I’ll be watching the outcome for the season. You all have my very warmest wishes for a fantastic rest of the season.

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