Day 18 ~ Restoration as a Regular Practice

Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite stores.
I used to wander around the store in Reston, Virginia, when we lived near there. It did my soul good to enjoy the visual beauty and emotional splendor of all the old things I remembered from my childhood, lovingly restored into brand new form.
Restoration is a beautiful word – and humans need it just as much as furniture and appliances do.
That’s what I did today: indulged in an entire day of restoration. With a great big fire, all that diamond-lit snow covering the trees and the ground just outside the windows, wrapped up in my favorite comforter with  a good book.
It helped me today that nobody needed me; I had the space and peace to take the entire day for myself. It gave Chuck the space and peace to spend the afternoon outside capturing the winter beauty with his camera.
I can see that my continued Powerful Presence is going to require this as a regular practice in the days ahead. I hope my mentioning it makes you think about how much restoration you could give yourself, too.


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