Day 16 ~ It can’t all be perfect!

I know. It’s only been 2 weeks and I am having a less than perfect day.
One of my challenges to writing daily is to be able to keep up my optimism in public – because the fact of the matter is that even I get tired and crabby. I just usually do it behind closed doors.
I bring my sunny face to the world and keep any clouds to myself, like a lot of the women I know.
What if it’s time to admit that our range of emotions is wider than we are prone to admit? What if, like a piano keyboard, we need both colors of keys and all the notes across the keyboard to play our symphony? (Thank you, Rokelle Lerner, for giving me that metaphor in 1984). That’s the truth for me today.
The last 24 hours have brought with them an abundance of circumstances that require that I pay attention. I’ve lost things, forgotten things,  had exceptional delight and exceptional distress – and I’m tired. There is so much I want to do – and yet, right now I just want to lie down and sleep for two weeks!
The first thing that happens when you step up to the plate to achieve something big is that you have to face all the parts of yourself that really don’t want to take the risk. That’s where I am right now – I’m fighting it, but it’s right there, staring me in the face.
Here’s what I know: there is no place I won’t go to suport my clients in working through this phase. I have no pride and no shame. That kind of behavior will serve me well as I take my own journey through this particular valley.


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