Day 13 ~ Moments of Illumination

Yesterday was an illuminating day.
After writing my blog late Saturday night,  I woke up early and wrote my Sunday blog; I posted it  before 9 AM.
It was a full day. I had no idea when I was posting it that I wouldn’t get another chance to write again all day. That realization at the end of the day was my reward for listening to my Inner Guidance.
Today was even more illuminating.
It was  8:30 last night when I went to sleep; I woke at 3 AM, on fire to write. After feeding  the cats and planning out my entire February newsletter, I realized that  it was too early to be up.
Back to bed I went for  30 minutes of sleep before I woke up to start my usual 4-6 AM routine. Right after I finished meditating, the urge to go back to sleep was so powerful I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
At that point I had a choice to make: I could push myself to write (something I would have done 6 months ago) or I could listen to my body and give it the rest it needed, trusting that my self-care would pay off.
I chose the nap.
I woke up refreshed 90 minutes later with this blog practically writing itself in my head. Here’s what I realized:
1. Taking a journey is nothing like reading a guidebook. The guidebook gives you the container. It’s  the experiences that make it a journey; they are as unique as we are. Taking this journey day-by-day is illuminating old things for me in new ways.
2. A journey is a lot like a plane flight; the pilots are always correcting their course to maintain their heading amid all sorts of interferences that pop up along the way. Even though the pilots aims straight, they can never fly straight – it’s physically impossible.
As I aim for my destination of writing my books,  my job is to adjust to my circumstances and keep my heading. My intention to write wakes me up with the words in my head. Even when I choose a nap, I can trust my intention.
3. Finally, until you actually take the journey yourself, it will only be somebody’s else’s story or experience. You can get the point or appreciate the experience; until you walk the steps yourself, it will never be yours.
I’m astounded at how much clarity this particular journey is bringing me. It’s breathtaking to use it to create something new.


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