Day 12 ~ Let the Games Begin!

This morning I woke up at 5:30, fed the cats and decided that today was a very good day to take the day off from all this Powerful Presence stuff. I’ve been working so hard all week, I thought to myself, I deserve the day off.
When I went right back to bed, thinking that noon would be a great time to wake up, I fell asleep immediately.
About 45 minutes later I woke up with a start, and realized what was happening: the part of me that is very happy with the way things are right now was simply exerting “her” influence. The suggestion that sleeping til noon would be a wonderful thing to do was simply “her” attempt to overcome  my desire to change and grow with my Powerful Presence process.
Have you ever had that experience?
This is the reason that most New Year’s Resolutions die on the proverbial vine – too much change too quickly seems to cause a mental meltdown and we quickly revert to our old behavior.
So that’s what I realized was happening to me this morning  – and I jumped out of bed with delight.
This is not a new thing. It’s happened to me before when I wasn’t paying attention and I only realized it after the fact. It happens to my clients all the time;  a lot of the work we do in our coaching addresses this very issue.
This is, however, the first time that I knew exactly what was happening when it was happening and it made me laugh out loud. What a great topic for my BLOG!
My friend Darla Klein teaches a brilliant session on change as part of our Leadership Essentials course, in our company LeaderSHIFT. I realized this morning that individuals are no different than organizations when it comes to change; it just happens on a smaller scale.
Darla teaches that all change involves the interaction of two kinds of forces: driving forces (instigating the change) and restraining forces (pushing back against the change to keep things as they are).
So my driving forces are my answers to question 6 (What would be true about me if I had “Unlimited Cosmic Power” and  knew I could not fail?). My restraining forces are the challenges I identified in question 5: things like making the time to write and staying rigorous with being the “Romeo for my writing.”
“Making the time” was the restraining force that showed up this morning – since staying in bed til noon would severely restrict the amount of things I could get done today. My writing would certainly have been a casualty.
To my great delight, shining a light on myself in this way is like turning the light on in a dusty room. You can see everything: the beautiful furniture and the books and the artwork, as well as the dust that covers it. Turning the light on helps you to see where you need to clean up  so that the inherent beauty of the room shines through.
I’ve got my dustcloth and my (non-toxic) furniture cleaner and I am ready to go. How about you?


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