Day 11 ~ Making It Real

It’s late on Saturday night and that beautiful moon has risen out of sight in my office window. Heeding her call last night to spend the evening with Chuck was inspired. Sleepless in Seattle was even better, 17 years later, because of all these years of “magic” with him.
Tonight he did me the great favor of asking me those questions I wrote about on Thursday so I could post them here. It’s funny, I’ve asked them to hundreds of people and I know them by heart. It was still illuminating to have to answer them for myself ; just like my clients do, I got some surprises.
Before I share my answers with you, I want to be clear about why I would.
First, it’s because we’re on this journey together; the answers to these questions hold our itinerary. Next, because sharing them with you makes it public – and just like my clients share them with me so they can be accountable, I do the same with you. Finally, it’s because sharing it makes it REAL. Once you put something like this out there, it really does take on a life of its own.
And that, of course is the point! So here are my answers:
1. The place in my life where I want to have more Powerful Presence is in writing my fourth book Take the Journey to Powerful Presence and the companion journal, Mapping Your Journey to Powerful Presence.
2. Here’s what doing that will do for me: professional women who don’t know me will find out about me; those who can’t afford to take this class will have the process that I’ve spent the last 40 years perfecting at their fingertips; writing these books will increase my name recognition and  bring me more clients.
3. Accomplishing those things will allow me to leave a legacy, to illuminate my work for women who will never meet me. Just thinking about accomplishing those things changes the way I interact in the world and increases my confidence about my impact on the planet.
4. There are some things I already do well as a writer: I write every day; I’ve been writing with Darla Klein for over 3 years and we have both increased our writing skill; I like to write; I use metaphors and paint pictures with my words; I believe that I have something to say; my being willing to be vulnerable in my writing opens the doors for other women to risk being vulnerable in their lives; when I relax and focus,  the words flow easily.
5. The challenges I face in writing these books are: being rigorous every day to be the “Romeo for my writing;” being willing to be as vulnerable as the writing requires – without succumbing to my penchant for perfectionism; refusing to force the writing to be something it’s not; being willing to not “look good” when the writing gets hard; keeping my appointments with myself to write for 3 hours every Monday, and 30 minutes every weekday.
6.  If I could create anything  for the writing of these books,  then I would: have the drafts completed in 90 days and be well on my way to completing them by my birthday on June 24; make this blog about my journey so compelling that I have a publisher; develop an international audience when all of the women who are reading this blog are forwarding it to their friends and colleagues; get invitations to speak nationally & internationally; make a difference in the lives of women every day.
7. As much as I want to achieve all this, I don’t want to do it at the price of my relationship with Chuck, or at the cost of my health. I don’t want to push so hard to achieve this that I lose all sense of delight and adventure in the process.
Thank you for being a witness for my journey. I hope that traveling along with me will benefit you in a multitude of positive ways that neither of us can predict!


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