Dancing with Time

Recently, after reading a blog about removing the phrases “I’m busy” and “I’m swamped” from your vocabulary, I put it into practice right away.


WOW. That decision was a game-changer.


As a result, I discovered the truth in the idea that using either of those two phrases comes from a place of feeling powerless. Using them is simply another way of admitting that you’re  a victim of your circumstances. Although this thought had never occurred to me, its discovery  really made me sit up and pay attention like I never had before.


Of course if you’re changing your language, you have to come up with a different phrase to indicate the fact that you’ve currently committed your time and attention to something. You still aren’t available to say yes at the moment to any request you get. Although it may have something to do with the amount of time I now spend swimming laps at the pool, the word that made the most sense to me was “immersed.” For the last week or so, I’ve been saying “Thank you for the offer–I’m immersed in a number of things that are very important to me and are helping me move my business forward, so I’m unavailable right now.”


Just that shift in my language left me feeling powerfully engaged and consciously choosing the way I spend my time. Here’s the crazy part of this: I didn’t change anything else! I’m still doing what I’ve always been doing, choosing my yeses and nos as consciously as possible and wishing I had more time at my disposal. The moment I changed my language, I realized that I’m spending the time I have doing exactly what I want to do. That was the most refreshing thought I’ve had in awhile–it left me feeling energized and empowered.




Choosing to use the language of being immersed in what I love most in the world gave me a new filter on my experience and opened my eyes to the power of every single word that comes out of my mouth.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the amount of things you have to do this week, see what happens when you choose this language. I’d love to know what happens!

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