Dancing with Arianna

Last week I had the great pleasure of being in the presence of Arianna Huffington, who was in Cleveland at the invitation of Toby Cosgrove, MD, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic. She was his first speaker for the Speaker Series Ideas for Tomorrow.


Sitting just four rows up on the center aisle, I had the feeling that she was speaking only to me. If course, I wasn’t the only audience member feeling that way, since she clearly had the entire room in the palm of her hand from the moment she stepped up to the podium.


Arianna’s Powerful Presence was palpable:

  1. She is conscious of her actions and her impact—she had the entire room “at hello” and held us spellbound for an hour.
  2. She is clearly comfortable in her own skin—she gently poked fun at the powerful benefits of having an accent like hers.
  3. She is globally famous for Focusing her Attention where she can create the most positive results.


My impression of Arianna is that she has clearly danced into her power. It’s no secret that she’s a powerful force for planetary change, with her courage, her consummate grace and her visionary way of doing things—one that would never qualify as “business as usual.”


As I listened to her speak about her latest project, The Third Metric, I was struck by the similarities between this work and the work we’re doing in The Powerful Presence Community.


The Third Metric is bringing the focus back to the things that define our Presence, those internal things that sustain us and nourish us and connect us to our best—most productive—selves. She says only if we create sustainable lives, will we have any hope of sustaining the planet. Being conscious of the cost that our daily choices wreak on our bodies allows us to see that those choices have snowballed globally to a disastrous level.


Arianna has discovered a renewed consciousness about that cost in her own life; she’s on a sacred mission to inspire everyone she meets to increase their consciousness about it, too.  She’s made it spectacularly easy to explore it for yourself online, at the link above as well as on her Third Metric Facebook page.


Last Thursday Arianna Huffington inspired me to add my own energy to the conversation and spread the word about the Third Metric. Here are Top 3 Ideas for Tomorrow she left me with:


  1. Although three metrics were the foundation of ancient Greek thought on success—how to govern a city, how to develop wisdom and how to live a life worth living—later European philosophers like Spinoza effectively cut out the “third metric” of what it means to be successful. In the 21st century, our definition of success has diminished significantly. Success today is only defined by the amount of money and power you possess.  The effect of this momentous amputation is that we’re missing the most important measure of human success: how to create a life worth living. Instead of “living from our eulogy” (considering how to live a life that will be celebrated by those whose lives we have touched) we have begun to “live from our resume” (believing that what we have achieved in money & power is all that matters, no matter what it costs us—or those we love.)

  3. The all-too-easy-to-understand concept of Time Famine.  Arianna describes it as the “fear that if we don’t try to cram as much as possible into our day, we might be missing out on something fun, or important, or special.” It’s not that there’s a real famine—it’s a made-up concept that we believe because we’re so plugged into our technology that we are available 24/7…and we’re still not “catching up.” We’re stressing ourselves beyond repair. More than that, we’re reducing our ability to connect to each other in meaningful ways—ones that don’t involve posting a picture of what we’re eating at that trendy new restaurant or a video of us having an astonishing experience on vacation in some exotic location. We’ve replaced human connection with ever more addicting technology.

  5. It’s our sacred responsibility to wake up and save ourselves—and the planet. The importance of getting conscious about the power of the Third Metric to put balance back in our lives and acting in ways that will repair the damage we have done to ourselves and to the planet cannot be overstated. It’s critical that we put down our technology at the end of the day and allow ourselves to rest and be nourished in conversation, in nature and in the quiet reflective things that connect us to ourselves. (Besides having regular articles and resources to help all of us re-connect to ourselves and the Third Metric, Arianna has developed a free App with a team of partners called GPS for the Soul. I downloaded it and it’s VERY COOL.)


So I hope you will join us in exploring The Third Metric for yourself. And if you’re already a member of the Powerful Presence Community or an Alum of the Dance into Your Power Group Coaching Program or PowerSpeak! know that all of our practices will help you to do just that.


In the spirit of The Third Metric, and all of our work in Powerful Presence, I’m wishing you a peaceful, grace-filled and nourishing Thanksgiving. You are one of the great gifts in my life that I’m thankful for!

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