Dancers Everywhere!

When you’re ready to dance, you will find that dancing shows up everywhere…
That’s what happened to me over the Thanksgiving weekend as I was perusing the Washington Post Book Reviews. I was doing the one thing that always inspires me: reading. And right there in front of me, as if it were reaching out to hug me, was a small article on a back page, about photographer Jordan Matter and his spectacular new book, Dancers Among Us.
The title alone changed my perspective so instantly that I know I will never see the world around me in the same way. It was like the Universe was reminding me that I am on exactly the right path for my own dancing and that my work will inspire others around the world to dance, too.
Once I searched out his website online and experienced Jordan’s photos of “dancers in everyday life” they shifted my perception of what’s possible in a completely unalterable way. Once you experience it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll see what I mean ~ and it will be abundantly clear why his book became an instant NY Times Bestseller. It will instantly transport you into joy and delight!
John Steinbeck once wrote that “we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” For almost four years, I’ve been experiencing that kind of “being taken” with the Journey to Powerful Presence. Once I realized that everything I was learning and teaching allowed me—and those I taught—to “dance with whatever shows up” it was clear that dancing was really the trip that was taking me.
And now that trip is taking me again.
The Dance into 2013 Telesummit
In the course of writing Dance into Your Power, I met some amazing authors and experts who helped me to dance in ways I had never thought of before. They were supremely conscious of their actions and their impact; as a result, they inspired me to develop a vehicle for us all to harness the power of our passion for our work and our prowess in our fields. Over this Thanksgiving weekend my thoughts about that vehicle, and the journey I’m on to take the work of Powerful Presence to the next level, were supremely inspired by that small article about Jordan’s book.

Like a glowing ember, my exploration of Dancers Among Us set my mind ablaze thinking about the kind of powerful impact we all want to have with this vehicle, which has evolved into my first annual January telesummit, Dance into 2013. Our focus is to give everyone who participates a vibrant and detailed road map of specific strategies you can use immediately so you can dance, not only into the New Year, but also all year long.

As we create it and build it over the next month, you’ll be hearing more about this telesummit in this blog and in my newsletter, so let me leave you now with one final thought.
The smallest ember can create a blaze that will light the world. What do you need to set your world on fire?

If you’re interested in finding out, I hope you’ll join us in January!

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