Dance With Whatever Shows Up!

Yesterday started out full of possibilities ~ and those possibilities continued, unabated, all day.
Keep in mind that possibilities aren’t positive or negative; they’re neutral. It’s what we make of them that determines their ultimate state.
Yesterday it seemed like I was being given the opportunity to dance with my possibilities all day. If you’ve completed the Journey to Powerful Presence with me, you know what I mean; if not, let me get you started on the idea.
One of the Three Abilities of Powerful Presence is the ability to Dance With Whatever Shows Up. There is an energy to dancing that allows you to stay flexible and flow in the face of circumstances that could stop you in your tracks if you let them. When you focus on your energy, flexibility and flow, you can catch whatever shows up in your life and move with it.
Another metaphor that describes that action is mental Aikido.
Aikido is a martial art developed by a people who were physically small and not very strong against their enemies. They developed a way to use their ability to dance and to flow as a response to attack: when pushed against in a fight, they simply pulled in that direction so the opponent was pulled over. They used the force of their opponents to their advantage and danced to win.
In the early 90’s, I saw a presentation at the National Speakers Association given by an Aikido Master and I never forgot it. He described the power of flow and of pulling what pushed you. When I learned Middle Eastern Dancing a few years ago, I could clearly see that my willingness to “flow” was my greatest asset in learning how to move in a way that I never had before.
One of the most transformative things that happened as a result of my learning Middle Eastern dancing is that I now see myself as a dancer.  I’ve learned that dancing is a way of life. A dancer dances ~ with everything.
You can always spot a dancer when you meet them, can’t you ~ simply by the way they move.
So it wasn’t a stretch to start experimenting with my dancing and the circumstances of my life. I discovered that you can maneuver around anything when you keep moving.
That idea took root in my heart a few years ago when I saw the movie, Mad Hot Ballroom. It’s the story of the program that ballroom champion dancer Pierre Dulane started in the New York City Public Schools that has transformed the lives of millions of children, many of whom live in dire circumstances. (If you want to know the story, see that movie as well as Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas, which is loosely based on the situation that brought Pierre to that school project.)
My favorite quotes from Pierre are these: “Can you walk? Then you can dance!” and “Look ~ you’re dancing!!” His story cemented the idea of this ability for me several years ago; I’ve been dancing with it ever since.
Now that you know the story I hope you’ll experiment with dancing yourself today ~ and just see what happens.

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