Dance into Your Power!

Yesterday was a red-letter day for us here at Discover Your Powerful Presence.
Yesterday launched the final stage of the birth of my new book, Dance into Your Power. Now it’s been written ~ and  masterfully edited into a “symphony of words” by Gwen Hoffnagle. Finally it’s in the hands of my wonderful publisher, Lynne Kippel at Love Your Life Publishing, and my brilliant graphic artist and designer Chuck Beatty.
It launches on October 15, forty-three years to the day since I started my Journey to Powerful Presence when I ran away from home with the clothes on my back and $30 in my pocket.
In just about six weeks, you’ll be able to hold in your hands the result of everything we’ve done together since January 2010. WHEW! I’m pretty amazed. Thank you for reading this blog and for hanging in there with me ~ and for telling other people about it, too.
So I hope you’ll join me in the countdown to the launch ~ it’s going to be amazing! Every week on Monday there will be something exciting to share ~ and of course that will include a free gift, with my heartfelt thanks.
Just to get you started, I thought you’d want to be one of the first to see what’s on my back cover. Isn’t that the page you go to on Amazon when you’re investigating a new book? Me, too.
Here’s what you’ll find on the back of Dance into Your Power:
When Was The Last Time You Really Danced?

Dancing has a transformative power you can harness to help you tackle anything in life.
In Dance into Your Power you’ll find the inspiring story of how one woman learned to do just that. Starting out as a seventeen-year-old runaway, with nothing but the clothes on her back and $30 in her pocket, Maia Beatty took decades to learn what it takes to dance into her own power. In the process she’s created her life’s work, married the man of her dreams, and discovered the deep happiness that comes from peace in her soul.
This book contains her forty years of research synthesized into a simple road map that will show you how to get these kinds of results, in a fraction of the time.
Here are a few things you’ll learn how to do:

  • Discover the clues to your own incomparable power so you can access it any time you want
  • Stay positive and creative so you can dance with any kind of circumstances
  • Say no when you need to—without guilt
  • Overcome listening barriers so you can listen deeply to yourself and others
  • Create your own strategies to triumph over adversity

Maia Beatty is The Powerful Presence Trainer & Coach. Since 1987, her training programs, keynote presentations, coaching programs, and books have helped thousands of people in the US and around the world identify, access, and claim their personal power. She uses the challenges she’s overcome to build road maps for achievement. She’s skilled at accessing her power in any circumstances—and she’s gifted at showing others how to do it, too.
See you Monday ~ have a truly illuminating week!

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