Dance into 2013!

What have you heard about the idea that we’ve moved from “The Information Age” to “The Inspiration Age?”
If you Google it, you’ll discover that, in the Information Age, knowledge was power. As you can imagine, experiencing this age was a very heady trip. Do you remember your excitement the very first time you heard that voice on your computer saying, “You’ve got MAIL!” Although it was only twenty years ago, 1992 seems like a million years away–and in the meantime, we’ve all gotten more than enough information to last a million lifetimes. Now we’re completely uninterested in–or overwhelmed by–most of the email we get. For many of us, up to 95% of it simply gets deleted and senders regularly get blocked.
If you’re in sync with the Inspiration Age, you’re one of us who’s looking for a spark, for that ember of an idea or an emotion that will light an inner fire in you and motivate you to rise above the information glut and be a part of something bigger than yourself, something that makes a difference on the planet, or in your community, your family or your relationships. If you want to see this up close and personal, check out the kind of things people are posting–and sharing–on Facebook and Pinterest. What inspires you?
Over the last four years I’ve gotten really clear that being inspired puts us into action–and our actions are creating a new world.
Over the last several years, it’s gotten easier to find the evidence of the Inspiration Age showing up in a multitude of places. Here are just three of those that intrigued me when I Googled The Age of Inspiration:
In 2008, Adrienne and Patrick Duffy created The Moon Project: Above and Beyond and here’s what they had to say about inspiration:
“Above and Beyond explores the facets of human inspiration required to achieve excellence and extraordinary results.
Its compelling message focuses on the importance of:

  • curiosity in generating new vision and innovation;
  • courage in transforming challenges and resistance into new possibilities; and
  • contribution in bringing the best of our energy and talents to the achievement of goals.”

It’s clear that the Duffys believe that three things are required “to achieve excellence and extraordinary results: curiosity, courage, and contribution.” That’s exactly what we’ve discovered over the last three and a half years on the Journey to Powerful Presence, when ordinary women (and one man) took themselves “above and beyond” what they previously thought possible.
Then in 2011, Tom Kaneshige wrote  in an article about Steve Jobs, that “Inspiration is the oil that greases the work; without it, the engine burns out and the whole enterprise comes to a sudden stop.” Steve Jobs was always looking for sources of inspiration and his passion for it survived him. He proved without a shadow of a doubt that inspiration  takes on a life of its own because those he inspired continue to inspire us.
And just this year in India, Aircel, a leading telecom player, launched The Power of Inspiration Initiative, “aimed to stimulate…young minds towards idealism and community participation.” Think about the implications of this on a world playing field! Aircel is certainly up to something powerful that they know will impact the world.
Clearly inspiration is the cause of spectacular results. That’s why the First Annual Powerful Presence International Telesummit , Dance into 2013, is all about Inspiration. For two hours a day, in a morning session and an afternoon session, I will be interviewing six powerfully present thought leaders and authors on the strategies they use to Dance into their Power ~ strategies that you can use to Dance into 2013.
Save the dates: January 15, 17, 21 and 22 ~ and stay tuned for more information on January 1, 2013!

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