Cutting-Edge Communication Strategies

“Years ago, I tried to top everybody, but I don’t anymore. I realized it was killing conversation. When you’re always trying for a topper you aren’t really listening.  It ruins communication.”

—Groucho Marx

Communication is a core leadership skill that has a significant impact on the daily experience of your team. What if you could discover some Simple Shifts that would make it easier and more sustainable to engage your team—every day?

These three courses are designed to help you do that. Each course can be presented in a small (6 to 8 people) or large (10 to 25 people) group format.


This 12-hour course sets the foundation for communication success by using the team or group’s unique challenges as its context—giving participants straightforward and sustainable strategies for working with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Participants will discover how to recognize four universal communication distinctions—including how our perceptions affect us—so they can identify innate communication preferences in themselves as well as in others.

Building on their awareness of their own as well as other’s communication strengths and challenges, they increase their skill at engaging and collaborating with anyone—despite individual differences—while fostering increased buy-in within the team or organization.

Ignite Your Personal Leadership contains the same content as this course when presented to a larger group from different teams within the same organization.


This 16-hour course integrates the foundational strategies from Ignite Your TeamPower into a platform for an open dialogue to navigate through the inevitable workplace conflict—both within and outside of the team. Practicing cutting-edge conversation strategies in real-time exercises allows team members to deepen their ability to confidently address conflict and engage with colleagues, direct reports, prospects and clients in positive ways that generate measurable results. (Pre-requisite: Ignite Your TeamPower or Ignite Your Personal Leadership)


This 12-hour course addresses the issues you face when you’re a part of a diverse or global team. Building on the foundational strategies from Ignite Your TeamPower, team members will deepen their cultural fluency—their ability to understand the norms, perspectives, cultural contexts and conversational cues of anyone whose culture differs from theirs, so they can respond in ways that contribute to effective conversation and collaboration.

This course is built to be adapted to address a variety of diversity issues that can be included in culture, including differences across generations, sexual orientation, ethnicity and gender.

The practical, experiential and sustainable strategies in this course are applicable whether you’re communicating with a diverse group of clients or colleagues, traveling globally or simply in conference calls with a team or group of multi-cultural colleagues. (Pre-requisite: Ignite Your TeamPower or Ignite Your Personal Leadership)