Consider A New Way Of Seeing

Baby starting to cry

Have you ever been driving somewhere–on a road that you’ve driven many times–and noticed a building that you’ve never seen before? The building isn’t new–it’s been there all along–but today you saw it for the first time.

How can that happen? Is it possible that you’re seeing your surroundings in a different way? Do you think it’s likely that you will ever not see that building again?

What if you could find a way to see the more important and personal things that have been invisible to you until now? For example, would it be useful to see why you react to certain stressful situations the way you do? Imagine how that knowledge could help you change the outcome. What remarkable results might you achieve?

Looking Beyond the Obvious

Take a look at the photos below. Can you determine what their subjects have in common? At first they don’t seem to have anything in common. Now ask yourself, “What if they did and it’s simply invisible to me right now?”

Give yourself a few moments and try looking beyond the obvious. What would happen if you entertained the possibility that something you want or need is right in front of you?


Images of 3 patterns - traffic, baby crying,, inside of a fridge


That’s how you open the door to creating remarkable results that have never been possible for you before.

These three photos really do have something in common. Now that you’ve taken the time to consider what it could be, go to the free trial of Move Into Your Power to learn the answer.

It will change the way you experience your world.

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