Our Coaching Philosophy

Reinvention Coaching is a trusted, facilitative relationship between a key contributor in an organization (owner, director, manager, or other high performing professional) and Maia.

We work together to advance each leader’s capacity to strategically move themselves—and ultimately, their organization—forward, despite unrelenting change and uncertainty.

We believe in:

  1. The absolute capacity of each client to chart his/her own course through our coaching work together, with the cutting-edge toolsets and distinctions they will discover in our program.
  2. The uniqueness of each client’s circumstances. There are no cookie-cutter solutions, or even processes. Every coaching journey has its own organic strategy for success—the secret lies in Maia’s skill at asking the questions that unlock each client’s optimal resources to achieve their goals.
  3. The sacredness of the coach-client relationship. This focused, strategic and supportive relationship inspires and accelerates each client’s ability to achieve remarkable results that were formerly out of reach.

Our Clients Prove That Leaders Benefit From Coaching

With the increased self-awareness and capacity for action you gain from working with a Board Certified Leadership Coach who is steeped in the rich traditions of Energy Leadership™ and the interpersonal strategies of Reinvention, here are some of the measurable outcomes you can achieve:

  • Capitalize on leadership opportunities that are currently out of your reach—or previously invisible to you
  • Design your own sustainable strategies to handle any challenge you face
  • Employ approaches that will ignite the capacity of your team—no matter what the task
  • Identify barriers that prevent your greatest success, recognize them when they appear and strategically move through them
  • Reinvent the way you lead, work with others, and address interpersonal issues
  • Speak confidently and effectively in the new online environment
  • Transform your problem-solving process into a search engine for what you want