Can You Shift Your Perspective?

Last week we started our initial preparations for your travel and we did everything but pack our bags. This week, we’re picking up our three must-have travel accessories. Today our accessory is Perspective.
When you travel to a foreign country, or even a different region in your own, you’ll find that the people there  don’t necessarily do everything the way you do at home. When you want to enjoy the richness of any travel experience, it’s necessary to shift your perspective. That’s the only way you can see all there is to see, experience every situation as deeply as possible and hear everything you can from people who are speaking a different language.
Taking a journey through a place is not the same as living there; the way you drive through will definitely have an impact on your experience.
Have you ever driven a car with a stick shift? Once you learn how to do it, you find out just how powerful driving can be when you can shift gears. You can handle any driving situation with the right gear. Although it takes a little while to get used to it when you’re first learning, once you get the hang of driving with a stick shift, you can drive anything. As a result, you discover ways to handle any driving situation you face, because you know how to manually engage every bit of the car’s power.

People have mental Gears, too.

Well, not really physical gears–each of the Gears represents a particular perspective.  Using mechanical gears allow you to move more weight that you could by yourself; using all three of the mental Gears allow you to engage with anyone — or any circumstance — at a deeper and more powerful level than you would without the additional choice of  perspective. When you keep in mind that every Gear is only one perspective, you are free to shift to whichever of them will give you the best results.
1st Gear: The Subjective Perspective

  • This is the result of your beliefs, values, opinions, and experiences
  • These are Always Right, and Always True…although only for you
  • This is the best Gear from which to share what you think, feel, believe or know

2nd Gear: The Empathetic Perspective

  • This is the result of considering someone else’s 1st Gear
  • This is like walking a mile in their shoes
  • This is the only Gear from which you can listen

3rd Gear: The Objective Perspective

  • This is the result of considering the entire situation with logic
  • This requires detaching from every emotion to see all the facts
  • This is the best Gear to use when you’re making a decision

Shifting Gears
What do you think about what you just read? That’s your 1st Gear and it’s the truth for you.
Most of us have no trouble operating from our own 1st Gear. It is, after all, our subjective experience; it’s the truth for us in every waking moment. From this perspective, we know what we know and we’re willing to share it — and we know what we want, so we’re willing to get out there an get it.
Your 1st Gear is the reason you started this Journey in the first place. The challenge with 1st Gear is that it’s an easy place to get stuck.
As you travel on your Journey to Powerful Presence,  it’s important to keep in mind that your 1st Gear is only one possibility . The reason this distinction is a must-have travel accessory is that you need all three Gears to have the most successful Journey.
You’ll have the chance to shift Gears all along the way. Your willingness to do it will make all the difference in your experience.

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