Bring Your Light into the Darkness

Last weeks news From Sandy Hook brought us a darkness we never expected and cannot comprehend.
There are simply no words to bring comfort to those whose lives were torn apart last week. And we who can only stand by and witness it, cannot cover the experience with words. Nor should we try. There are no words.
Yet over the weekend, I was reminded, on multiple levels, of the power of Light over darkness.
Somewhere in my life, someone told me something that I will never forget: “There is no darkness without Light. Where there is great darkness, there is also great Light. Your job is to focus on the Light and bring it to everything you do.”
As we end our year in the Season of Lights, I invite you to join me in focusing on the Light in your heart and in your Life. Shine it! Shine it everywhere and on everyone. Shine it in the darkness of these circumstances. Shine it with all the power of your presence.
And in this last blog of 2012, I am wishing you peace and the prospect of Dancing into 2013.

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