Breakthrough Coaching

“30 minutes with Maia helped me zero in on self-perceptions that have limited me in the past.”

—Kathy Sidaway, Brokerage Manager
Feigenbaum Agency

How do you know if you need a Coach? Take this simple quiz to find out.

Are you ready to:

  1. Update your career?
  2. Move through a transition in your career or personal life?
  3. Develop laser-focused mental clarity to pinpoint what you want and what it takes to get it?
  4. Identify your innate strengths so you can use them to interrupt the obstacles that hold you back—or stop you?
  5. Gain the competitive advantage that knowing your innate strengths gives you?
  6. Be inspired and supported to reach levels of performance that you have not yet been able to achieve on your own?
  7. Create a plan of action that you can use to move forward, long past the completion of your coaching?

The more yeses you have, the more likely it is that you will benefit greatly from working with a coach. To discover if working with Maia is a good fit for you, schedule a 30-minutes Complimentary Coaching Session.

How do I get started?

Option A: Schedule your 90-minute Breakthrough Blueprint Coaching Session. You get:

  1. Laser-focused mental clarity in your conversation with Maia that will identify:
    • What you want and what it takes to get it
    • Your innate strengths—and the obstacles that prevent you from achieving what you want
    • Your unique Breakthrough Blueprint™ for addressing your obstacles and capitalizing on your strengths

Option B: Schedule your 12-week Breakthrough Group Coaching Program™—there’s one forming every quarter (January, April, June and October). You get:

  1. A 90-minute Breakthrough Blueprint™ Coaching Session (See Option A).
  2. Three months of bridgeline conference coaching in a small group of 4-6 people—two 90-minute sessions each month for a total of 6 sessions—with a structured format that is customized for each group.
  3. Recordings of each session for your continuing development

Option C: Schedule your Individual 24-week Breakthrough Coaching Program. You get:

  1. A 90-minute Breakthrough Blueprint Coaching Session (See Option A).
  2. 6 months of coaching—2 hour-long private sessions each month for a total of 12 sessions. (Skype calls are available for those who prefer a face-to-face format, as well as all international clients.)
  3. Recordings of each call for your continuing development
Yes! I’m ready to start coaching with Maia!

What is different now that I completed my coaching with Maia?  …I have claimed (the) power that was already mine!!…We all have the POWER within us—It’s just a matter of being WILLING to find it. That is what Maia helped me do! …

Allen Miller, Area Director, N2 Publishing

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