Better Than Driving a Porsche!

This weekend I got a call from Kim, an Alum of my Powerful Presence Group Coaching Program, to share with me how ecstatic she was about the results she was getting from the strategies she’s learned.
For the last three months, Kim’s been away from her family–and, more importantly, away from her fiance–working in another state on a project for her company. She’s been surprised by the culture shock of being immersed in a totally foreign place. She’s the only professional woman on the team, in a historically male-dominated industry. In the midst of this demanding and stressful work situation, she’s held her own power, made new professional connections and improved technical processes.
Just last week at a week-long top managers meeting at company headquarters, she developed a world-class reputation for her knowledge and skill at the highest levels of the organization, despite the total lack of support from her immediate supervisor on this project.
She was so excited to share her news with me because she’s completely convinced that “this Powerful Presence stuff really works!”
For the last three months, Kim’s been struggling daily with homesickness, as well as a demoralizing experience with her supervisor–who’s left her with the feeling that her contributions to this project don’t matter. Every day, she decided to choose the Powerful Presence strategies she learned and diligently use them to combat the feelings of helplessness that were building in her heart. It hasn’t been an easy road, yet every day she chose those strategies–no matter what else she was feeling.
Her results were nothing less than remarkable.
Kim told me that there were three Powerful Presence Strategies that helped her the most, and we want to share them with you:


  1. Always look for the pony. This idea comes from a story that’s a part of the section on the Three  Empowering Beliefs of Powerful Presence. In the session on the third Belief ,”Every Obstacle Brings a Gift” there’s a story about a 9-year-old, who, when faced with the unfair task of cleaning out a barn filled with horse manure, sets about doing it with a joyful heart, whistling.  He had no doubt that “with all this manure in here, there’s GOT to be a PONY!” Kim took that story to heart: every day, she looked for “the pony” while feeling like she was eyeball-deep in manure. Last week, she not only found her pony, she found the herd…

  3. Shift your perspective: your story is only one of three possible stories. Other people’s opinions are simply their story, not yours. In the first session of the program, Kim learned about The Gears, the metaphor for the three available perspectives in every situation. “Shifting Gears” is the term used to describe choosing to shift your perspective to create a more optimal result for yourself, no matter what circumstances you face. She described her week last week at the company headquarters as every bit as fun as driving a Porsche on an mountain road, and she kept shifting herself into the perfect Gear for the smoothest ride possible.

  5. Dance with whatever shows up. This 3-month trip was the last thing that Kim had in mind, less than 6 months before her July wedding. Thrown into a job that didn’t use a fraction of her technical skills, in a regional culture that was so foreign that it might as well have been another planet, with no friends or family there for support, Kim could have easily broken down under the stress. Instead, she chose to dance: every day, she chose her own internal music to move to, instead of the discordant sound of her circumstances. Her willingness to dance prevented her from surrendering to the distress of her situation–and it paid off handsomely last week. She’s become the Shining Star at her company, a remarkable resource to the top managers… who never heard of her until last week.

So this week I’m celebrating Kim’s accomplishments and everything she’s proven about the practice of Powerful Presence.
We hope you’ll find something in her story that inspires you!

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