Belief # 1: You Bring About What You Think About

You’ve packed your bags and you’re on the road. Like Dorothy and her road of yellow brick, the world is full of possibilities for you. From now on, everything you learn can be put to use to Build Your Personal Brand With Powerful Presence.
Beliefs are the number one filter of experience. Your beliefs provide you with your version of reality and form the foundation of everything you do; they color your every experience, every minute of the day. Your beliefs are true for you; anything you don’t believe in cannot exist for you.
Although we have beliefs about everything in our lives, it’s our beliefs about ourselves that either increase or decrease our Powerful Presence. Without the three beliefs that form the foundation of this journey, Powerful Presence isn’t possible. So let’s start with the first one, and you can see for yourself.
You Bring About What You Think About.
Take a moment, at any point in the day, and ask yourself: “What am I thinking about? Is this thought building me up or tearing me down?” When you look at successful people, the ones who are delighted with their lives and who are magnets for their target markets, they all seem to put a positive spin on their lives, despite any challenging circumstances. Their circumstances don’t show — their beliefs do. When you look at the people who have had the most impact on the planet, they all share this quality of being conscious that their thoughts determine their reality. They believe in their capacity to create what they want and they set out to do it.

Everything else on this Journey grows from this core Belief. It makes Powerful Presence possible–
and it happens in 1st Gear.

This belief is the seed for everything I teach about Powerful Presence; it’s the one that completely changed my life once I chose to believe it. Once I discovered it and developed it as a practice, this belief allowed me to transform myself from an angry and powerless victim to a woman in charge of her own life.
The fact of the matter is that Powerful Presence can only come from inside you. This belief is your “inner flame” – it’s the source of your ability to choose your experience, no matter what circumstances you face.The first time I heard it, however, I thought it was absolutely the stupidest sentence anyone had ever uttered on the face of the planet. It could not possibly be true. That was in 1984.
So what made the difference for me? Once I ran out of every other option, I tried out this belief.  Once I started changing my thoughts, my experiences changed. In less than three years I had become a motivational keynote speaker, sharing my experiences with others. Three years later, I found the love of my life  and started my own company. Five years later, in 1995, I wrote my first book about the experience, Bootstrap Words: Pull Yourself UP! The premise of that book is: you bring about what you think about. Bootstrap Words is the story of the Journey.
Your presence is the result of what you believe about yourself – and it can’t be faked. Who you think you are –and who you think you’re not — comes into the room before you do. The most direct way to increase the power of your presence is to start on the inside with your thoughts. Update your thoughts and you update your beliefs; the change will show up in your presence.
Try This Out For Yourself.
For the next week, catch yourself thinking. Just pop in at random times of the day and capture your thoughts in your journal. No judgment – just capture your thoughts. At the end of the week, you’ll start to see trends. Don’t worry about what to do with them yet. You’ll discover that soon enough as you continue your Journey.
Thursday: A Strategy to Shift Your Thinking


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