Attitude is Altitude, Says Nick Vujicic, Who Should Know

How’s your Monday going? Have you started your day with the attitude that you have what it takes to conquer any challenges that you face?
I got a new perspective about challenges, attitude and believing that I have what it takes yesterday, when my book research took me to a youtube video of Nick Vujicic. Nick was born in Melbourne Australia in 1982; he was a long-awaited first-born son, born with no arms and no legs for no apparent medical reason.
What started out as a family tragedy was transformed into a global phenomenon, because Nick decided when he was 15 years old that he had what it takes to inspire the world.
His journey took him to places few of us can imagine:


  • a newborn whose parents thought they would leave him at the hospital. They never held him until they made the decision, when he was 4 months old, that this boy was God’s gift to them and there was a reason for their suffering. After that, they opened their hearts to him and did everything they could to help him maneuver his way through the world.

  • a 6-year old who had been taunted so brutally in school one day that he told himself that one more taunt would make him end his life. That day a child came up to him at the end of the day and told him he “looked good today.” Years later he credited that child for teaching him the impact of kind words.

  • a child who suffered because he couldn’t get his toys out of his toy box. His parents tried to help him by fitting him with prosthetic arms; they were so heavy on his tiny body that it only made it harder for him to move. He said later that that’s when he discovered that arms didn’t ease his suffering.

  • an 8 year-old who considered suicide in the bathtub, just so he could end his suffering and struggle; only when he thought of what the loss wold do to his parents did he change his mind about taking his own life.

  • a teenager who watched every Valentine’s Day pass in high school without a sweetheart, while everyone else was pairing off. Later he realized that this experience fueled his passion to speak to teens and help them through the difficulties that every teen goes through.

  • a 20-year old, who had already been speaking at schools across Australia for over a year; who told a crowd of hundreds in a church that he was going to travel the world inspiring people and that he was going to be on Oprah, even though she didn’t know it yet.

  • a young man traveling the world, with a message that “your attitude is your altitude – no matter where you are” (high school, prison, the barrio, the hospital, anywhere); using humor, laughter and grace to transform the suffering of others.

Nick blew me away.
Since that first youtube video, Nick made me think about things I never have before. Right off the bat,  I notice how much I depend on my arms and legs and how much I’ve taken that ability for granted. If Nick can inspire millions of people without his, what am I capable of with mine?
Yesterday I was looking for a role model for the 2nd Belief of Powerful Presence: You Have What It Takes. Instead, I found a treasure trove of every Belief, Ability and Action of  Powerful Presence in Nick’s presence and life story.
No matter what you face today (this week, this month, in your lifetime) I believe that you have what it takes to get through it.
Should you doubt that for a moment, spent a few minutes with Nick.

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