Are You Ready to Unclutter Your Mind? ~ Part 1 of 2

Summer is a typically slow time for many of us in business; experts are always ready to help us with suggestions for using this time to unclutter our …office, closets, kitchen–even our life. We discover that we can unclutter just about anything we can reach.
This idea of “anything we can reach” gets me thinking in terms of Powerful Presence: what would happen if we could unclutter our minds?
Now before you discount that question as completely off-the-wall, stay with me for another moment and check it out for yourself. Let’s take that moment to suspend our ideas of what might be possible and simply get curious.
Ready? Here we go:
What if you imagine that your brain is a physical location (say a barn or a warehouse) and your thoughts are things.  Say that  you visited that barn or warehouse: how much room do you imagine you’d have to move around in or sit down on once you were inside?
Not very much? Odds are high, if you’re like most of us, there’s a lot of stuff in here.
It’s not hard to believe that our brains need to be full; most of us have never considered the luxury of owning a “spacious” mind. (Does the Scarecrow from The Wizard of OZ come to mind right now?) Most of us believe that the reason we have a brain is so we can think… We have so many things going on all the time that we have the place loaded from top to bottom and side to side with thoughts and ideas. There’s probably not a free square inch of space to spare for most of us.
So,OK. Our brains are full of stuff.
What kind of stuff?
Since you’re still playing with me here, let’s imagine that this stuff made up of our thoughts has a texture, color, density and weight.
Visualize the two kinds of thoughts you have like this:

  1. Our positive thoughts are comfortable things which provide us with a place to sit, or crawl through, or jump off of. They’re flexible–they mold to our body if we want to sit on or lie in or lean on them. They smell good, too ~ like clean laundry on a spring day . Even if we  felt like taking a bite of one of them, it would taste good and nourish us.
  2. Our negative thoughts are big, bulky, solid and dense.There’s no give to them; they’re solid like stone. Their texture is spiky, hard, cold and prickly. They poke us when we pass near them; they’re so dense they seem to take up all the air in the space they inhabit. They feel bigger than their size–they leave no room for us to sit or rest or lean. They smell like a damp cellar full of moldy gym socks. If we ever tried to take a bite out of one, we’d break our teeth.

Whew! That certainly paints a picture, doesn’t it?
Here’s the good news: no matter what your experience was with that visualization, odds are very high you made a distinction between them.
Since our thoughts really are things, they result in the way we experience life.

  1. If you feel happy and positive most of the time, odds are high that you’ve got a brain full of positive and affirming thoughts. Your positive thoughts help you to overcome negative circumstances and help you to keep feeling positive despite negative circumstances.
  2. If you feel stressed and stretched and negative most of the time, odds are high that your thoughts are helping you stay that way, too.

Tomorrow I’ll show you exactly how you can unclutter your mind on a regular basis.  If you’re the kind of person who would rather have more positive in your experience, I’ll show you how you can pitch out those negative thoughts and save room for more positive thoughts.
For today, it’s enough to catch yourself thinking ~ just paying attention to what you’re doing can help you get  completely ready to unclutter your mind.
Share your experience with this by commenting below ~ and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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