Are You Ready To Bloom?

Blooming tulips

Everyone loves the flowers that come in Spring. Their beauty and grace are a symbol of overcoming the adversity of Winter. While we rejoice in their glory, we often miss the secret of their power.

By the time we see those green shoots peaking through the earth, the plant has been working underground for months to do three things:

  • Nourish themselves to store energy to grow
  • Continue to develop as exactly what they are—even though it’s invisible to everyone
  • Harness the power of silence and solitude to be ready for the big reveal

What steps are you taking to be ready to bloom?

  1. Are you nourishing yourself and your soul?
  2. Are you continuing to develop as exactly who you are?
  3. Are you harnessing the power of silence and solitude as you show the world more of who you are?

The Practice this month from our Newsletter is designed to help you to become more aware of how the secret power of flowers can enrich your Spring. We’re very much like blooming flowers, our power comes from inside ourselves.

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