Are You Leaning In Yet?

Last week I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, in one sitting, because I couldn’t put it down.
Have you had the chance to check it out? It’s a very engaging book, written in a way that makes it easy to imagine that you and Sheryl Sandberg are sitting at your local Starbucks sharing a coffee.
After hearing so many opposing viewpoints since the book hit the news (“Is she supporting women?” “Is she putting other women down?” “Who does she think she is–of course she can do what she did with all that money she has!” “She’s amazing and wonderful and makes illuminating points that are worth investigating”…) I decided it was time to have my own opinion about Sheryl Sandberg and her book.
For what it’s worth, here it is: every woman leader will find something useful in the pages of this book. Whether you’re a working Mom or not, no matter what level or size of the organization you’re at and whether you’re a business owner or not, each of us can relate to many of Sheryl’s experiences.
Even more valuable than her experiences, though, are the questions she asks. Here are just a few of them:

  1. What does it take for you to raise your hand ~ and keep it raised until you are seen, so you can contribute what you have to offer?
  2. What keeps you from claiming your space at the table (where decisions are made…)
  3. How can we value the perspectives that are not our own: “Working Moms”, “Stay At Home Moms” “Working Women who never wanted to be Moms”–or “Stay At Home Dads?”

My biggest takeaway from this book was how clearly the distinctions, structures and strategies of Powerful Presence support everything Sheryl’s talking about.  Along with the challenges she’s faced and the strategies she’s used, she also points out those challenges that we in this Community have learned to address by developing our Powerful Presence as we Dance into (Our) Power.
What’s one thing you can do right now? Get a copy of this book–or download an electronic copy–and read it for yourself.
Join us in the conversation: how can you use your Powerful Presence to Lean In?

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