Maia Beatty, Certified Reinvention Practitioner, BCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Maia Beatty is a Chief Reinvention Officer. She is known internationally as a Certified Reinvention Practitioner, Board Certified Leadership Coach, Master Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

As proud as I am of those credentials—and as thankful as I am for the journeys they represent—I believe that each of us is more than our qualifications. As I was reinventing what I wanted to share on this page, I realized that what most connects my clients and me is the courage to be authentic and the willingness to inspire authenticity in others. (And sure, it is daunting at first. Once you experience it, though, you may never settle for anything less than authentic again.)

As I head into my fourth decade of professionally identifying obstacles, developing simple strategies to create remarkable results and sharing what I’ve learned so that anyone can reproduce my success, it’s very clear to me that Reinvention has been at the heart of everything I’ve done. Because the 2020 global pandemic requires that we reinvent everything right now, it feels even more important to share these strategies with you.

As I teach classes and coach clients, I often ask the group members or the individual to share three things about him-or-herself about which they are the proudest. It helps to break the ice and it takes the focus away from their job title and puts it on our shared humanity. Since you and I are meeting for the first time, here are mine:

  1. My wide variety of life experiences across a range of professions, settings and cultures has given me a deep knowledge of communicating with just about anyone. From the bottom to the top of any organization, with people of a diverse number of cultures and ages, I have found ways to create conversations. Best of all, I have found sustainable ways to teach others how to do this in their own professional and personal relationships.
  2. I have discovered how to feel comfortable in my own skin so I can—more often than not—think on my feet. It is my great delight to share the strategies I use to do that and watch my clients claim them. Through the past three decades, I’ve shared these strategies with thousands of people, watched as they tried them out for themselves and seen those people transform before my eyes.
  3. I have created a system I call Simple Shifts that will unlock anyone’s innate genius for accomplishing their own personal, leadership and/or organizational goals by interrupting the Unconscious Traps that block them from success.

Now you know my “three things.” These are the strategies and qualities upon which I depend the most in doing the work I do.

Being a lifelong learner, I must admit that I have learned every bit as much (if not more!) from my failures and mistakes as I have from my successes. Bouncing back from them—even when it took longer than I anticipated—turns out to be the secret to my success at reinvention.

At this distance I can see how often reinvention was my only option; it was often my only way through a situation I was determined would not stop me. In case you’re wondering how that can be so, here are some of the major experiences that shaped me:

  • Running away from home as a 17-year old turned out to be my first act of reinvention.
  • Spending over 11 years as a sailor in the U.S. Navy, where I was one of the first enlisted women assigned shipboard duty in the mid-1970s and early 1980s, gave me a depth of valuable communication experiences and opportunities for reinvention. The most memorable ones ranged from three years on a submarine drydock sandblasting and painting submarines (and managing the procurement process to support all the supplies we needed for each sub), to a year onboard a sea-going vessel where I was a member of the crew responsible for the interior communications gear. I had the benefit of graduating at the top of my class in two Navy technical schools: Basic Electricity & Electronics and Interior Communication Technician; attending a third: Closed Circuit TV School; and earning completion certificates from both the basic and advanced levels of Damage Control School and Firefighting School. I was often the only woman in the class—or the school.
  • Spending the last 5 years of my Navy enlistment in the field of Substance Abuse Recovery and Addictions Counseling and earning the designation of Certified Navy Addictions Counselor, changed my life irrevocably. The experience led me directly to completing my enlistment with an Honorable Discharge so I could continue my work for three more years as a civilian, certified nationally as an addictions counselor. In the process, I created and delivered training sessions and keynote presentations focused on transforming your circumstances and tapping into your innate genius. Along the way, I earned my B.A. in Psychology.
  • One of those speaking presentations brought me directly to my partner in business and in life for the past 30 years; together we launched our company in 1990.
  • Three years spent training trainers and learning every facet of learner-focused, performance-based training allowed me to earn the designation of Master Trainer and, since 2002, to increase the results my leaners can achieve in my signature programs.
  • Two coaching schools—thirteen years apart, a yearlong coaching leadership program and thousands of hours of coaching national and international clients allowed me to create my Simple Shifts to Force Ahead Faster, become a Board-Certified Coach and an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.
  • All of those experiences led me back to school to pursue my MA in Liberal Studies, with a focus on Women’s Leadership, with a graduation date of May 2021.
  • COVID-19 led me The Reinvention Society and earning the designation of Certified Reinvention Practitioner, which led me directly to you.

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“There are few times in our lives where someone truly ‘gets’ us and knows how to bring us to success. From the minute I heard Maia speak, I knew she was one of those people… I wanted a coach to help me through the clutter that was holding me back.”

Amy Wong, CEO, DotOrg Solutions