3 Simple Shifts Will Transform Your Speaking

Transform Your Speaking

1. Your Power To Connect is Bigger Than Your Words. Remember that only 7% of your message is in your words! It’s your ability to connect with your audience and be authentic, relaxed and engaging that makes up the other 93%. So instead of trying to practice your “speech” word for word, think about the Top 3 Things you want to convey and then connect them to your audience’s needs. When you learn how to make the audience more important than you—every time you speak—they’ll feel it. And you’ll feel what it’s like to have every audience “in the palm of your hand.”

2. Your Beliefs About Yourself Affect Your Audience. When you believe you have something important to share with your audience, they can sense it immediately. When you doubt your ability as a speaker, your audience can sense that immediately, too. You know what it’s like to be in the presence of a great speaker, right? What do you think they believe about themselves and their ability to deliver? Great speaking is an inside job—so as you imagine giving your presentation in vivid detail before you present, see yourself knocking it outta the park, instead of falling on your face. The difference in your speaking will be immediate.

3. Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin Makes Your Brain Work Better. When you’re stressing yourself about a speaking engagement, you’re actually reducing your IQ! Yes, stressing about your presentation actually makes you stupid—neurobiologists have proven that you’re reducing the blood flow to your frontal cortex (the part of you that makes you human—and intelligent). You’re only supplying blood to your “primal brain”, the part that only runs your most primitive instincts: fight, fly or freeze. Not the best way to give an engaging presentation, is it? So do everything you can to relax before a presentation. The foolproof strategy I always give my clients is to get to the program early to meet people. Not only does it delight your audience, it also relaxes you to shift your Attention from sweating the last minute details to engaging with all the wonderful folks who came to see you speak. The result: an authentic connection with your audience that brings out the best in you and a memorable experience for them.

So the next time you speak, make those three shifts and create these remarkable results:
1. Make a great connection to your audience—your words will flow right out of you.
2. Believe in your ability to give this audience exactly what it needs—and engage them from minute one.
3. Get to your program early and welcome your audience—you’ll be amazed at how confident you’ll feel on stage.

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