Jumpstart Your 2016

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Why wait until January to dive into 2016? 

Now you might be thinking, “Why would I want to think about next year already? I’ve got too much to do this year before I can even begin to make plans for the new year.”

As true as that feels right now, I invite you to consider several reasons why now is the perfect time to Jumpstart Your 2016:

1. The busyness of the holidays is still a few weeks away, which means you have some time and space to think and plan. Did you know that time and space allows your brain to work better?

2. Now that projects are winding down and budgets are being assessed, you have the chance to see the opportunities that the successes (and failures) of 2015 have opened for you.

3. Future success takes planning. You have to give yourself time–without pressure–to visualize what you want for your personal and professional life. Amazing opportunities will remain invisible to you until you choose to look for them.

With your goals for 2016 set, you get the added bonus of being able to relax and enjoy the holidays. The great thing about that is your Reticular Activating System (RAS) will start working immediately to achieve what you want. Here’s even better news: as the first work-week of January dawns, you will have jumpstarted your success!

2016 can be full of possibilities for you! I hope you will join me in taking the time to enjoy the experience of discovering them amidst all the beauty and peace that Autumn offers you.

Get started now using this simple practice.

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