10 Million Bucks ~ for YOU!

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found 10 million dollars in your bank account–all yours, with no strings attached?
Now let’s just say that you’re not going to be one of those folks who gets a windfall like that and blows through it in a year. Let’s just say for the sake of our conversation that you’re more thoughtful and conscious than that. Having that kind of money might seriously change some of the conversations you’re having with yourself, especially if you’ve been focused on paying your bills and keeping your job and towing the line in whatever places you’re in that require line-towing.
That kind of change in your financial status might inspire you to reconsider just about everything–especially now that you believe you have full command over your life without the worries that hold most of us back. That kind of money takes those worries right off the table, doesn’t it?
When I considered that scenario for myself this weekend, I was surprised at the things I realized–things that had been totally invisible to me in the midst of all the work I do as a business owner, speaker, writer, trainer and coach. It was wildly apparent that there are things I never really consider because I focus so completely on what needs to be done.
You talk about an eye-opener!
Just the other day I heard this quote,  “Money is not the most important thing in life, yet it touches everything that is.” Most of us have a complicated relationship with money. That quote got me thinking thinking about what life would be like when making that kind of money was just what I did. How would it change the other things I take for granted in my life right now? How would it change the relationship I have with myself?
And that’s when I saw some things that had been invisible to me–things that I can address right now that will increase my Powerful Presence because they deepen and expand my authenticity. It’s amazing what you find when you’re willing to turn that mental light on in places you don’t normally visit!
So my answers aren’t important for this blog–although you’ll be seeing their results in my work. Your answers are the important ones here. So here are the questions I asked myself in the context of  “money is no object and you cannot fail”:


  1. What work would I be doing? (If your work wouldn’t change, great! If it would, then what can you do today to move closer to doing work you’d love with all your heart?)

  3. Who would I be working with–or supporting? (If that wouldn’t change, great! If it would, then what can you do today to move closer to those people you most want to work with or support?)

  5. Who would I allow myself to BE? (If this wouldn’t change, great! If it would change–or even expand–then what could you allow yourself to explore that you would grab in a heartbeat if you had nothing to prove?)

Asking myself these questions–and taking the time to explore the answers–astounded me this weekend. I leave them with you so you can do the same for yourself.
Let me know how it goes by sharing your comments below.

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