You’re Only As Big As What Stops You…

You're only as big as what stops you

Have you ever had an experience that was so significant that it absolutely changed your life?

Mine was enlisting in the U.S. Navy. During the 11 and a half years I spent as a sailor, I learned so much about leadership and transformation that it led me directly to my life’s work. It gave me the chance to develop a number of creative strategies—those Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead Faster™—that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with my clients for longer than I served.

One of the most transformative things I ever learned in the Navy was this:

     You’re only as big as what stops you.

That was a real head-turner for me because in those days I was getting stopped a lot.  Looking back, it’s clear that those stop signs were formed from my own (invisible) doubts and fears.

How about yours?

One of the things that can stop all of us from forging ahead at any speed is thinking about what we don’t want. Have you ever noticed how all of the things you really don’t want tend to show up the more you think about them?

It’s like you’ve all of a sudden developed this weird radar for exactly what you don’t want—or don’t want to happen—and there it is.

That random comment I heard in the Navy changed my life—because it turned my attention toward what was stopping me.

This month, check out what’s stopping you. Catch yourself looking for what you don’t want and ask yourself,  “What’s that about?”

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