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From individual coaching to organizational training and speaking, you’ll find Maia Beatty and Associates, Inc. to be a different kind of company. Our services are customized to give you the outcome you desire for yourself, your team, and your audience.

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Unite Your Team

Organizational Training

You and your colleagues will learn leading-edge communication skills and speaking practices that will revolutionize your interpersonal communication within your business and your life.

Your Choices

Energize Your Audience


Energize your audience with a unique, and interactive presentation that is interesting and engaging while providing useful tips and techniques for improving their communication skills professionally and personally.

Transform Yourself & Your Business

Leadership & Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching that delivers quantifiable results to busy executives.

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Online Training

Move Into Your Power, developed by Maia Beatty, brings over 30 years of proven, research-based, transformational training from the classroom—online. In 25 minutes or less, each session helps you translate eye-opening concepts into life-changing behavior.

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