Unite Your Team

Unite Your Team

A Simple Shift™—you and your colleagues will learn simple, sustainable practices that will revolutionize interpersonal communication within your business and in your life.

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Our PowerPacked Communication™ Series

What if you and your team could could find creative ways to overcome the barriers to your greatest success?

Discover a fool-proof strategy for transforming the uncomfortable situations that inevitably arise in any workplace or meeting into opportunities to move your team and your company forward. Learn the Simple Shifts™ you can make to guide any team to greater success—whether or not you’re the designated leader.

Do you ever feel like you’re back in school when you go to work or meet with your board? Do any of the following statements describe your work environment?

  • The people who you work for (or with whom you work) have their own agenda and it’s not even close to yours.
  • No one can get along because each person thinks they are right.
  • No one is listening and then they’re surprised when the team can’t get the results they want.

Imagine going to work or attending a meeting and finding:

  • Everyone is working toward the same goal.
  • Everyone is treated with respect—even when they disagree.
  • Everyone is listening objectively.

Transform your workplace or board room today.

Our leadership focused, PowerPacked Communication™ Series includes:

•  Ignite Your TeamPower: Unify. Collaborate. Lead.
•  Create Results-Driven Conversation
•  Blueprint Your Breakthrough
•  Decipher Cross-Cultural Communication

Learn more here. Contact us to bring Maia to your organization for customized sessions that may even include executive coaching.

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Illuminate Your Personal Brand

Illuminate Your Personal Brand™

Your personal brand is as distinguishable as your fingerprint. What if you could illuminate the process of how you develop that brand? Learn the Simple Shifts™ you can make to create a personal brand that makes you the one who people choose to help them to move forward in their career or their business.

Learn more here. Contact us to bring Maia to your organization for customized sessions that may even include executive coaching.

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Tap into your natural speaking ability—focus on your innate strengths.

“Maia’s PowerSpeak is an excellent tool that every leader should have in their tool kit! Thank you, Maia, for providing a safe space for us to be vulnerable and open to feedback from complete strangers. It’s because of your ability to make your students feel safe, supported, and eager to engage in an unfamiliar environment that this session was such a success. In my lifetime you are the only person that I have come across that can achieve that! Thank you for everything!”
–Twyla Turner, Coordinator, Operations, YWCA Greater Cleveland

Since 1999, 100% of PowerSpeak participants have exponentially increased their confidence, ease and skill in speaking. Like them, you and your group will discover that everything you need to be successful as a speaker is right inside you—and always has been.

The thought of speaking in front of people you want to influence doesn’t have to leave you feeling nauseous. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve considered taking a speech class or joining Toastmasters and you can’t bear the thought of the critiques.

In PowerSpeak, you and your group will have a different experience—you’ll learn to tap into your natural speaking ability by focusing on your innate strengths.

You’ll get feedback on what you’ve done right (so you can do it again) and invited to consider what you want to try next time so that you can increase your success every time you speak.

You’ll learn the power of silence and discover its capacity to help you engage every audience.

You’ll learn the single most effective strategy for eliminating ALL of your anxiety so you can harness the power of your natural speaking strengths.

You can learn more about PowerSpeak in the executive summary. Learn more about our other courses here. Contact us to bring Maia to your organization for customized sessions that may even include executive coaching.

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Advanced PowerSpeak™

Are you ready to take your speaking skills to new heights of excellence?

“Maia is a FANTASTIC speaking coach…especially in the area of improving one’s presence and power as a speaker. In her workshop, Advanced PowerSpeak, I got a strong sense of what my strengths are as a speaker, as well as where I needed to improve and what I could do to make those changes happen! It was fun, inspiring, motivating and I left the program with confidence and clarity! Maia will take you to your next level of greatness!! Thank you Maia!” 
—Adele DiMarco Kious, Owner and Lead Coach of Yinovate, LLC

Remember how skilled at speaking you felt as you and your classmates knocked it out of the park in Round 2 on the afternoon of your first PowerSpeak class? Remember the difference between your speaking skills at the start of the day and the end of the day?

Are you ready to exponentially increase your speaking skills again?

If so, join me and five other PowerSpeak graduates for the Advanced PowerSpeak class where you’ll discover that taking your speaking skills to new heights is as simple as stepping into the shoes of your Speaking Role Model! In addition, you’ll explore more deeply the three elements of Powerful Speaking Presence:

  • Day 1: Awareness—Expand your experience of the power of focusing your attention and discover how to incorporate the seven parameters of Powerful Speaking Presence into all of your presentations.
  • Day 2: Connection—Harness a simple structure for content that you can use to engage any audience of any size and present any topic, anywhere, for any length of time.
  • Day 3: Transformation—Combine the distinctions, structures and strategies of Awareness and Connection in two rounds of a 15-minute presentation. You will transform yourself as a speaker, and, as a result, transform your speaking presence in every presentation.

In PowerSpeak you learned that you can have a powerfully positive impact on your audience when you focus your attention on them and have a conversation. In Advanced PowerSpeak, you will take that impact to the next level as you refine everything you learned until now and uncover how to achieve it even when you have limited time to prepare.

The Advanced PowerSpeak class is only $1099 for three strategy packed days. Pay only $550 now and $549 the first day of class. Advanced PowerSpeak will be held January 12, 19 and 26, 2016, at the InterContinental Cleveland Hotel.

Learn more about Advanced PowerSpeak in the executive summary. Learn more about other courses here. Contact us to bring Maia to your organization for customized sessions that may even include executive coaching.

If you’re ready to see just how Powerful your Speaking Presence can be, register today, or call Maia at 330-573-0526.

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PowerUp Your Networking™

Hello. I’m Jean, and I’d rather be anywhere but here.

Everyone knows that networking is the best way to create professional success. So how come a root canal seems preferable to making small talk with strangers, as you pass out business cards and spout your 30-second commercial in a room full of people doing the same thing?

Do you feel like an outsider while everyone else seems to be moving effortlessly around the room building their network? It may be that your natural strength is having genuine conversations.

There is another way. You and your group can skip the pressure of the need to make a powerful—and immediate—first impression on a roomful of people.

If you want to network anywhere with ease and leave with connections you never knew were within your reach, schedule a PowerUp Your Networking class today.

Learn more here. Contact us to bring Maia to your organization for customized sessions that may even include executive coaching.

Yes! We’re ready to bring PowerUp Your Networking to our organization.

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